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My Marriage Ministry is used to help support my Radio, Bible studies, and other good works my God and Savior Christ Jesus count me worthy to do in His name. Wedding ceremonies are performed anywhere and anyplace of your choosing (home, office, park, etc). Please use the form below for your free wedding ceremony consultation. Short notices no problem - please call 410.929.4189.

"Weddings To Go"

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Weddings Any Place - Weddings Any Where - The Kush Edifying Ministries marriage ministry helps to support our ministry of preaching the whole counsel of God through this web site, our radio program, our newsletters and our on-site bible studies. We, the Kush Edifying Ministries preaches the word of God free of charge. We do not extort "tithes and offerings" from those who seek to gain God's favor and salvation through His Christ. We believe that each minister and ministry should only receive support from those who freely and voluntary give, and that no minister have a right to demand 10% of your earnings nor do the Holy Scriptures say such things (see pages on "Tithes & Offerings")

Evangelist Ron Davis, of the Kush Edifying Ministries will perform your wedding, your special day of the beginning of your new life with the one whom you pledge your life to in any place of your choosing (i.e. your home, office, park, garden, chapel or some other place).  

***Please Note: I Will Need Your Marriage License and a Valid State Photo Identification from both the Bride and Groom

  Prior to the Ceremony***

Maryland Marriage Information

To request a Wedding Ceremony in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia area (For other states Email or Call first), please complete the form below or Download the Formand or call to fax the form:

Kush Edifying Ministries - Marriage Ministry

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